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Bella Oldies Mix

Bella Oldies Mix

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Original oldies mix by DJ CHEL.  80 Min.  MP3 Format. Recorded as one track.  

1. I Really Love You (Ambassadors)
2. Tell Her (Paradise)
3. Ain't No Big Thing (Little Jr. Jesse & The Teardrops)
4. I Do Love you (Bobby Thurston)
5. Sitting In The Park (Bobby McClure)
6. Cowboys To Girls (Joe Bataan)
7. I'm Your Puppet (Little Joe & The Latinaires)
8. Crystal Blue Persuasion (Joe Bataan)
9. What Love Has Joined Together (Dobby Dobson)
10. Somebody Please (Thee Vellords)
11. Confessing A Feeling (Los Friends)
12. Hypnotized (Bloodstone)
13. Yes I'm Ready (Ambassadors)
14. Ooh Baby Baby (The Fuzz)
15. I Love You For All Seasons (Bloodstone)
16. Together (Sal de Leon & The Centennials)
17. The Town I Live In (Los Puppets)
18. Color Him Father (Jaede)
19. I'm Just An Average Girl (Brenda Southall)
20. Then You Can Tell Me Goodbye (Little Joe & The Latinaires)
21. Queen of My Heart (Jr. & The Starlites)
22. When We Get Married (Joe Bataan)
23. Tell It Like It Is (Little Joe & The Latinaires)
24. Sag Girl (The Intruders)
25. Never Gonna Give You Up (The Black Keys)
26. Look Over Your Shoulder (Ray, Goodman & Brown)
27. Tell Her (Bloodstone)

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