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Disco Funk Mix

Disco Funk Mix

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Original rare old school funk mix by DJ CHEL.  80 Min.  MP3 Format.  Recorded as one track. 

1. 100% (Caprice)
2. Good Time (Ago)
3. Never Lookin' Back (LA Voyage)
4. Can't Get Close To You (Nicci Gable)
5. Piece of Cake (Shadow)
6. Miracle Love (Starpoint)
7. I Believe in You (Enchantment)
8. Body Music (One On One)
9. Wanting You (Starpoint)
10. Pull My String (Doc Shaw)
11. Sexy Body (Magic Lady)
12. Secret Friend (Rufus & Chaka Khan)
13. Touch Me (The Chi-Lites)
14. Don't Use My Heart (Gang's Back)
15. And You Know That (The Jammers)
16. Gimme A Little Sign (Kenny James)
17. Don't Throw Away You Love (One Touch)
18. Last Night (Starpoint)
19. Don't Give Me Up (Harold Melvin & The Blue Notes)
20. You Can't Have It (Stargaze)
21. Just One More Kiss (Distance feat. Janey Hallett)
22. Just In Time (Raw Silk)
23. Eternally Grateful (Janet Kay)
24. Let's Celebrate (Skyy)
25. Let Love Shine (Skyy)
26. On The Beat (The B.B. & Q. Band)
27. This Love's On Me (The Ritchie Family)

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