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Flashback My Music Mix

Flashback My Music Mix

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Original flashback mix by DJ CHEL.  80 Min.  MP3 Format.  Recorded as one track.

1. The Blues (Tony, Toni, Tone) 
2. She’s Playing Hard To Get (Hi Five) 
3. I Like The Way (Hi Five) 
4. Girl I Got My Eyes On You (Today) 
5. Something Just Ain’t Right (Keith Sweat) 
6. Stone Cold Gentleman (Ralph Tresvant) 
7. Him or Me (Today) 
8. Baby Doll (Tony, Toni, Tone) 
9. Little Walter (Tony, Toni, Tone) 
10. Groove Me (Guy) 
11. If I’m Not Your Lover (Al B. Sure!) 
12. I Want Her (Keith Sweat) 
13. You Can Call Me Crazy (Guy) 
14. Born Not To Know (Tony, Toni, Tone) 
15. That’s My Attitude (Troop) 
16. Lovestruck (Tony, Toni, Tone) 
17. My Perogative (Bobby Brown) 
18. Spend The Night (Guy) 
19. My Music (Troop) 
20. Round and Round (Merry Go Round of Love) (Guy) 
21. Take It Off (Today) 
22. Mary Mack (Babyface) 
23. I Love You Babe (Babyface) 
24. Why You Get Funky On Me (Today) 
25. Girl I Can’t Control It (Ralph Tresvant) 
26. She’s Mine (Basic Black) 
27. Don’t Clap…Just Dance (Guy) 
28. My Ex-Girlfriend (Tony, Toni, Tone) 
29. My Fantasy (Guy) 
30. A’int My Type of Hype (Full Force) 
31. Get A Little Freaky With Me (Aaron Hall) 
​32. All Nite (Entouch)

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