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Freestyle Mix Vol. 1

Freestyle Mix Vol. 1

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Original freestyle mix by DJ CHEL.  80 Min.  MP3 Format.  Recorded as one track.

1. My Magic Man (Rochelle)
2. Experience (Connie)
3. Let The Music Play (Shannon)
4. Hooked On You (Sweet Sensation)
5. Your Eyes (Connie)
6. My Hearts Divided (Shannon)
7. Laughter In The Rain (Connie)
8. Funky Little Beat (Connie)
9. Take A Chance (Nuance feat. Vikki Love)
10. Because of You (Cover Girls)
11. Point of No Return (Expose)
12. Let’s Get Busy (Teen Dream)
13. Inside Outside (Cover Girls)
14. How Can We Be Wrong (Trinere)
15. Second 2 None (Kopper)
16. Come Go With Me (Expose)
17. (If You) Love Me Just A Little (La La)
18. Catch Me I’m Falling (Pretty Poison)
19. More Than You Can Handle (Luscious Dame)
20. Victim of Love (Sweet Sensation)
21. Say It’s Gonna Rain (Will To Power)
22. All Night (Trinere)
23. I’ll Be All You Ever Need (Trinere)
24. Can You Feel The Beat (Lisa Lisa & Cult Jam)
25. They’re Playing Our Song (Trinere)
26. When I Hear Music (Debbie Deb)
27. Rock Me (Connie)
28. Lookout Weekend (Debbie Deb)

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