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Freestyle Mix Vol. 2

Freestyle Mix Vol. 2

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Original freestyle mix by DJ CHEL.  80 Min. MP3 Format.  Recorded as one track.

1. Let Me Be The One (Expose)
2. Boy Crazy (Picture Perfect)
3. Barbara's Bedroom (Whistle)
4. Just That Type of Girl (Madame X)
5. Funny Feeling (New Choice)
6. Toss It Up (Split Image)
7. Main Attraction (The B.B. & Q. Band)
8. Show Me (Cover Girls)
9. Center of Attraction (Jessy's Gang)
10. Rescue Me (Family Dream)
11. Hooked On You (Sweet Sensation)
12. You Turn Me On (The Skeme)
13. Why Should I Cry? (Nona Hendryx)
14. If She Knew (Anne G)
15. Bottom Line (Gabrielle)
16. Let's Go (Nocera)
17. Summertime Summertime (Nocera)
18. Second 2 None (Kopper)
19. Don't Break My Heart (Sa-Fire)
20. Come Go With Me (Expose)
21. (If You) Love Me Just A Little (La La)
22. Roses Are Red (Maribell)
23. Catch Me I'm Falling (Pretty Poison)
24. Point Of No Return (Expose)
25. Rich adn Famous (Royalty)
26. Victim of Love (Sweet Sensation)
27. In My Eyes (Stevie B.)
28. I Wanna Be The One (Stevie B.)
29. Exposed To Love (Expose)
30. One Way Love (TKA)
31. Dreaming of Love (Stevie B.)

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