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Freestyle Mix Vol. 3

Freestyle Mix Vol. 3

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Original freestyle mix by DJ CHEL.  80 Min. MP3 Format.  Recorded as one track.

1. The Party Has Begun (Freestyle)
2. Rock Me (Connie)
3. I Know You Love Me (Trinere)
4. Diamond Girl (NIce & Wild)
5. Fantasy Girl (Johnny O)
6. So In Love (Tribe)
7. I'm In Love With You (Connie)
8. Party Your Body (Stevie B.)
9. Let Me Be The One (Safire)
10. Dreamin' Of Love (Stevie B.)
11. Summer Girls (Dino)
12. Rainforest (Paul Hardcastle)
13. Don't Stop The Rock (Freestyle)
14. Don't Break My Heart (Safire)
15. On The Upside (Xena)
16. Scars of Love (TKA)
17. Give Me Tonight (Shannon)
18. I.O.U. (Freeez)
19. I'm Searching (Debbie Deb)
20. Together Forever (Lisette Melendez)
21. Change On Me (Cynthia)
22. One Way Love (TKA)
23. Tell It To My Heart (Taylor Dane)
24. Bad Of The Heart (George LaMond)
25. One More Shot (C-Bank)
26. Take It While It's Hot (Sweet Sensation)
27. Silent Morning (Noel)
​28. Remember What You Like (Jenny Burton)

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