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New Soul Mix Vol. 2

New Soul Mix Vol. 2

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Original New Soul Mix by DJ Chel.  Recorded as one 80 min. track (MP3 Format).

1. What's His Name (Thee Sinseers)

2. If I Got It (Your Love Brought It) (Aaron Frazer)

3. Groovy Type of Feeling (The BashTones)

4. Take A Chance On Me (Joey Quinones)

5. Let Me Go (The Estimations)

6. Poor Boy (Jason Joshua & The Beholders)

7. Standing With You (The Resonaires)

8. Can I Call You Rose? (Thee Sacred Souls)

9. Suffocating (Monophoncs)

10. Alejandra (The Colossians)

11. Weak For Your Love (Thee Sacred Souls)

12. Dead End (Brainstory)

13. Tunnel Vision (Monophonics)

14. Evangeline (Jason Joshua & The Beholders)

15. Don't Tell Me (Joey Quinmones)

16. Live On (Aaron Frazer)

17. When You Go (The Altons)

18. Little Did I Know (Jason Joshua & The Beholdrs)

19. It's Only Us (Monophonics)

20. I Don't Mind (Thee Sinceers)

21. Maybe It's Time (The BashTones)

22. All In The Family (Monophonics)

23. Over and Over (The Altons)

24. La Vida Es Fria (Jason Joshua & The Beholders)

25. Cruisin To The Park (Durand Jones & The Indications)

26. My God Has a Telephone (Aaron Frazer)

27. Language of Love (Jason Joshua & The Beholders)

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