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NWA / Eazy-E Mix

NWA / Eazy-E Mix

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Original NWA / Eazy-E hip hop mix by DJ CHEL.  80 min.  MP3 Format.  Recorded as one file.

1. Boyz-n-the Hood (Eazy-E)
2. Dope Man (N.W.A.)
3. 8 Ball (N.W.A.)
4. Eazy-Duz-It (Eazy-E featuring Dr. Dre & MC Ren)
5. Nobody Move (Eazy-E featuring MC Ren)
6. Alwayz Into Somethin' (N.W.A.)
7. We Want Eazy (Eazy-E featuring MC Ren & Dr. Dre)
8. Real Niggaz Don't Die (N.W.A.)
9. Niggaz 4 Life (N.W.A.)
10. Approach To Danger (N.W.A.)
11. Something Like That (N.W.A.)
12. Radio (Eazy-E)
13. Gangsta Gangsta (N.W.A.)
14. A Bitch Iz A Bitch (N.W.A.)
15. Parental Discretion Iz Advised (N.W.A.)
16. Straight Outta Compton (N.W.A.)
17. Fuck Tha Police (N.W.A.)
18. Sa Prize, Pt. 2 (N.W.A.)
19. Eazy-er Said Than Dunn (Eazy-E featuring Dr. Dre)
20. Gimme That Nutt (Eazy-E)
21. Hit The Hooker (Eazy-E)
22. Appetite For Destruction (N.W.A.)
23. No More ?'s (Eazy-E featuring Ice Cube)
24. Quiet On The Set (N.W.A.)
25. Express Yourself (N.W.A.)

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