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Old School Mix Vol. 12

Old School Mix Vol. 12

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Original old school mix DJ CHEL.  80 Min. MP3 Format.  Recorded as one track.

1. Kool Whip (The Fatback Band)
2. Make My Day (Lakeside)
3. Standing At The Top (Rick James)
4. Body Lovers (Con Funk Shun)
5. Stay (The B.B.& Q. Band)
6. Who’s Getting It Now (Chocolate Milk)
7. Hide And Freak (Con Funk Shun)
8. Jam The Box (Bill Summers & Summers Heat)
9. Feel My Love (Vaughan Mason)
10. Take It Any Way You Want (The Fatback Band)
11. She Talk To Me WIth Her Body (The Bar-Kays)
12. Gotta Get My Hands On Some (The Fatback Band)
13. Sweat (Brick)
14. You Can Do It (Vaughan Mason)
15. Traffic Jammer (The Bar-Kays)
16. Go For It (Bill Summers & Summers Heat)
17. You Can Do It (One-Way)
18. The Sound of Music (Dayton)
19. Wanna Make Love (Sun)
20. Take A Chance (Bill Summers)
21. Lovely Lady (Change)
22. Keep On Lovin’ Me (The Whispers)
23. Can I (One-Way)
24. I’ll Get You Back (Con Funk Shun)
25. Sweet Heat (Chocolate Milk)
26. Funkdown (Cameron)
27. Catch A Keeper (The P-Funk Allstars)
28. Pop It (One-Way)
29. Blue Jeans (Chocolate Milk)

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