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Old School Mix Vol. 13

Old School Mix Vol. 13

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Original old school mix by DJ CHEL.  80 Min.  MP3 Format.  Recorded as one track.

1. I Like It Wet (Aqua People) 
2. Bad Girl (Slave) 
3. Body Snatchers (Midnight Star) 
4. Lovergirl (Teena Marie) 
5. Don’t Stand Another Chance (Janet Jackson) 
6. Eternally Grateful (Janet Kay) 
7. Engine No. 9 (Midnight Star) 
8. Love Sign (Morris Day) 
9. Friends (Shalamar) 
10. Hold Out (Midnight Star) 
11. Wild and Crazy Love (Mary Jane Girls) 
12. Last Night (Starpoint) 
13. Restless (Starpoint) 
14. Sweat (The Sysytem) 
15. Magic Moments (Lakeside) 
16. Watch Out (Brandi Wells) 
17. I’m So Crazy About You (Starpoint) 
18. Best Friends (Eddie Towns) 
19. Satisfy Me Lover (Starpoint) 
20. Do Me Right (Dynasty) 
21. Emergency (The Whispers) 
22. Sensational (Starpoint) 
23. Looks Aren’t Everything (Cherrelle) 
24. Color of Success (Morris Day) 
25. Scientific Love (Midnight Star) 
26. Freak-A-Ristic (Atlantic Starr) 
27. Special (Lakeside) 
28. Give Me One More Chance (One-Way) 
29. Good & Plenty (The S.O.S. Band) 
30. You Are In My System (The System)

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