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Old School Mix Vol. 15

Old School Mix Vol. 15

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Original old school mix by DJ CHEL.  80 Min.  MP3 Format.  Recorded as one track.

1. Bottoms Up (The Chi-Lites) 
2. You Made A Change In My Life (The Bar-Kays) 
3. Heartbreaker (Zapp) 
4. Flirt (Cameo) 
5. I’ll Be Good (Rene & Angela) 
6. Keep On It (Starpoint) 
7. Do It Roger (Roger) 
8. Backseat Driver (The Bar-Kays) 
9. Dance Floor (Zapp) 
10. Single Life (Cameo) 
11. Play Some Blues (Zapp) 
12. Freak It Out (Electric Smoke) 
13. Hit And Run (The Bar-Kays) 
14. Master Rocker (Bernard Wright) 
15. Square Biz (Teena Marie) 
16. Ghetto Life (Rick James) 
17. Behind The Groove (Teena Marie) 
18. Twennynine (Twennynine w/ Lenny White) 
19. Tripping Out (The Bar-Kays) 
20. Get Up (One-Way) 
21. Push (One-Way) 
22. Agony of Defeet (Parliament) 
23. Cold Blooded (Rick James) 
24. Untouchable (Lakeside) 
25. Funtown USA (Rafael Cameron) 
26. Boogie Body Land (The Bar-Kays) 
27. Back Together Again (Lakeside) 
28. I Just Want To Be (Cameo)

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