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Old School Mix Vol. 5

Old School Mix Vol. 5

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Original old school mix by DJ CHEL.  80 Min.  MP3 Format.  Recorded as one track.

1. Young, Free And Single (Sunfire)
2. We Need Love (Cashmere)
3. Love On The Rise (Kenny G featuring Kashif)
4. Your The Only One I Love (Glenn Jones)
5. Ooh Love (Kashif)
6. You Turn Me On (Rick James)
7. Feel My Love (Slave)
8. Hi, How You Doing? (Kenny G featuring Kashif)
9. I'm In Love (Lillo Thomas)
10. Work That Sucker To Death (Xavier)
11. Stone Love (Kashif)
12. Ladies Choice (Shotgun)
13. Light of Love (Cashmere)
14. Baby Don't Break Your Baby's Heart (Kashif)
15. Tonight (The Whispers)
16. Wait For Me (Slave)
17. You Wouldn't Have To Work At All (Michael Henderson)
18. I'm Down For That (Jerry Knight)
19. Let's Dance (Tom Browne)
20. Love Is On The One (Xavier)
21. I've Been Missin' You (Kashif)
22. I Just Gotta Have You (Lover Turn Me On) (Kashif)
23. Bye Gones (Tom Browne)
24. Music (D Train)
25. You're The One For Me (D Train)
26. Money Talks (Rick James)
27. Jam The Box (Skyy)
28. What Goes Around (Xavier)
29. She Blew My Mind (69 Times) (Rick James)
30. Ladies Choice (Stone City Band)

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