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Underground Oldies Mix Vol. 1

Underground Oldies Mix Vol. 1

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Original oldies mix by DJ CHEL.  80 Min.  MP3 Format.  Recorded as one track.

1. Change Me If You Can (Barbara Mason)
2. Lost Lost Lost (Pratt Moody)
3. Baby Make Me Feel Good (The Five Stairsteps)
4. Don’t Play With My Heart (The Marvellos)
5. The Little White Cloud That Cried (The Soothers)
6. Come Back (The Five Stairsteps)
7. Bring It Home To Daddy (Fred Parris & Restless Heart)
8. Young Girls (Fillmotions)
9. When The Boy That You Love (Peggy Gaines)
10. This Love (The Joy-Tones)
11. Making Up Breaking Up (Sharon Jones & The Dap-Kings)
12. Stranger At My Door (The Fuller Brothers)
13. Lets Change The Subject (Satisfaction Unlimited)
14. When You Lose The One You Love (Buddy Smith)
15. You Don’t Love Me (The Five Stairsteps)
16. Try To Understand (Little Hank)
17. There Must Be A Better Way (Friday Saturday & Sunday)
18. The La La Song (Roddie Joy)
19. How Big Is Big (Joey Edwards)
20. You’re Gonna Miss Me (Brenda DuPree)
21. The Touch of You (The Five Stairsteps)
22. I Can’t Wait (Sonji Clay)
23. You Say You Love Me (Dee Edwards)
24. Ain’t Gonna Make It Easy (Keni Lewis)
25. Just Because (Pat & The Blenders)
26. Try Love (The Sparkles)
27. Why I Love You (The Ultimates)

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