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Vintage Vinyl Mix Vol. 4

Vintage Vinyl Mix Vol. 4

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Original rare old school funk mix by DJ CHEL.  80 Min.  MP3 Format.  Recorded as one track.

​1. California Flight (Jerry J. Johnson)
2. Flying High (Cloud One)
3. Everybody Loves A Winner (Glen Jones)
4. Seeekret (Kleeer)
5. Closet Freak (Videeo)
6. We Come To Jam (Blaze)
7. Monster Jam (Brother To Brother)
8. Let’s Funk It Up (Hot And Sassy)
9. Keep On (Bobby Mardis)
10. Night To Remember (Keith Patrick)
11. Finger Lickin’ Good (Fatback)
12. Mysterious Girl (Enios Scroggins)
13. Baby Come On (James Otis White)
14. Friends (Enios Scroggins)
15. I’m Out To Catch (Leon Haywood)
16. If You Love Me (The Style Band)
17. Style (O.S.K.)
18. You’re In My Pocket (Reanna Coleman)
19. Throw Down (Bill Summers & Summers Heat)
20. Better By The Minute (Glass Pyramid)
21. We’ve Got To Do It (The B.B.& Q. Band)
22. Funky Bebop (Vin Zee)
23. Socket (The Edwards)
24. Who’s Girl Are You? (Glass Pyramid)
25. Psycho For Your Love (Westwood / Cash)
26. Reach Out (The Sylvers)
27. You Can Do It (5 Special)
28. Call Me Up (Bromar)
29. Love Thang (Fredi Grace & Rhinestone)
30. No Stranger To Love (Glenda McCleod)

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